Well, for me wasn’t so. Since I was I young boy dobermann breeding was a dream, I was reading and learning everything about these fascinating dogs and I had to wait a long time before my dad got my first litter. This happened when we moved to the countryside and I was thirteen…. now I am 37 but the spirt that keeps me going is still the same.
Of course not all the dogs I have breed had the same importance to me, this is just how life goes: You can not have always the special “feeling” that bonds you to a dog, which relates to you inconditionally since its young age. Even today I don’t know how this still happen but the differences between different puppies are still remarkable.
…it happen that my first female puppy never gave birth to a litter and died when she was 6, after a bad uterine infection that was diagnosed too late by the vet! I was moved by a young, true enthusiasm and I thougt I knew everything about Dobermann, but then, meeting personally people like Mister Vogel, Kollenberg, Palmer, Pezzano, who were for me “myths” and still considering them great “masters”…
I understood that I had still a lot to learn in order to be a future “good breader”.

Gli Inizi

Gli Inizi

During my journeys to the dog’s shows I met a strange guy, who was sleeping on the floor with his bich dog, they where both sleeping. Who could have imagined that that dog was going to be the founder of all my previous, contemporary and why not even my future biches! Her name was Astrid (Hanter do Campovalano X Loira) and she really was a big girl. Her owner was just two years older than me (I was 19) and talking, I found that he too intended to become a breeder.
Maybe he knew more about Dobermann than me and knew the people I have just mentioned above since a long time but about genealogies I knew a lot more than him; anyway our thoughts about the breeding were similar and a strong friendship started between the two of us and lasted many years. The name of this friend is Gianni Chionna, he is the founder of the Latiano Kennels; still now i do not realise why and for which personal reason he has decided not to breed from his dogs anymore,,, The first biches I bought to start with were Diva and Dana from Latiano (which I bought from him), the first two litters they had carried the name of his kennels and some of this puppies became champions, like Idol from Latiano and Maia.



For many years, I have to say I didn’t feel the need to have my own personal “kennels”, maybe because i thougt breeding was not going to be my profession anyway, as I was already involved with the business of my family; I was anyway very involved and happy for the goals I achieved with the “Latiano” as well though…. At one point by theway this hidden need became a necessity for me .
I decided to get a litter from Diva di Latiano (ZTP 1A Ecc SCH1, Camp. Soc:AIAD 94/95 CH. Italiana, V.DV Siegerin) and Korung a Vita Cobes von Warringhof, a working dog. Unfortunately burocracy slowed down the documents of the kennel, which is still today “DEI MONTI CIMINI”, which came some months after the birth of my first litter. Between the puppies of this litter was Athena (ZTP1A ECC SCH1), this bitch was crossed with Ch. Gamon di Campovaiano and gave birth to Erman dei Monti Cimini (Bundessieger, Sieger AIAD, Italian Champion, International Champ. ZTP SCH1).
I will never forget the emotions and the feelings I had during Athena’s ZTP day, when Doctor Pezzano, after he personally tested the exeptional character of this bitch, congratulated himself with me; the same emotions are still in my mind when Athena’s son Erman dei monti Cimini, being only two years old, won the Bundessiger and crushed all one’s competitors coming from all over the world. These moments have been so intense and meaningful, I can only place them at the second place, just after the birth of my son Leonardo. Unfortunately not long after, Diva died suddenly, leaving me just with those intense memories, to me so dear and important.



This first litter from Diva with Cobes von Warringhof made many “renowed people” laugh, as they would not agreee to “waste” a so important bitch with a working dog, even not so good looking! But the Dobermann is a sole breed, beautiful and exceptionally good tempered and Athena, born from that mating and handled in the correct way, gave me great results! Luckyly breeding not just for businnes porpuses allowds you to take decisions only based on passion, feelings and experience, and gives you the opportunity to take the time you need and not getting results at any costs! I have always thougt that hurrying up, especially on breeding animals, that are supposed to live and spend their life with humans, is a bad counsellor. So I keep breeding my dogs being always very strickt to my thougts and beliefs, which first will not let me breed from any (especially males!) dogs, which will not have a particulary good character and then taking on their fenotype and genotype tooo!!
I do start anyway considering the ZTP, because i think it has been the decisive factor, that has allowed, during 20 years, a good growth of the Italian Doberman’s character! Even today, I still like the first day, breed from my dogs only one litter per year, because so I am able to get on with almost all my puppys, event those which will not have a “competition career”; this kind of dogs are working dogs and it is important to get even daily experience with it, without being hassled by competitive results! Outcomes remain anyway essential moments where you can conpare yourself and the decisions you have taken. A must for a respectful breeder, is the duty to choose for his puppies, not the owner who will pay more but that owner, who will be able to grow the puppy to a mature adult dog and will get him to become a healthy and safe dog, able to live with others without any fuss at all!